How Can You Help
Serve Your Community?

AGives! is the philanthropic arm of Associated Grocers, Inc. AGives! offers a focalized support to non-profit organizations, and charitable entities which will create an impact within the community.

AGives! aims to create hands-on experiences for employees, who would like to engage and serve within the communities in which we are located.

Generous contributions financially support organizations that align with the AGives! mission. All donations go directly to meaningful programs and events, hence creating awareness while responding to the needs of those within our community.

Let’s Work Together

AGives is a newly formed 501c3 philanthropic arm of Associated Grocers, Inc.

Our Mission

“AGives! is to support wellness programs, community health, children’s welfare, nutrition and hunger needs, and the wellness of pets in the marketplace within which we serve.”

Roeshawn Peters

Wilbur Fabre
Vice-President/Vice Chair

Michelle Arceneaux

Chris Kennedy

Amy Kelley

Carl Marks

Bobby Williams

Krystal Gomez

Monica Vincent

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